• Salim Mwangunga Road, Mombasa, Kenya

Razul Grain Care is a leading expert in post-harvest handling and storage solutions for your agricultural commodities like coffee beans, maize, and other grains.



Our conveying equipment handles a vast variety of bulk materials, ranging from agricultural products to industrial commodities and raw materials. They include a wide range of conveyor system, roller conveyor system and screw conveyor.


Our products are manufactured using advanced processing facilities. These plants are used for processing the seeds and are used in food processing industry and known for quality, efficiency and reliability.


A grain dryer and storage bin in one is the ultimate in-bin drying system. A layer of grain in an overhead drying chamber is dried by specially designed fans and heaters then dumped into the holding area below.


With our passion for continuous research and development, we offer highly advanced technological solutions that include an optical sorter with multiple wavelengths in the infrared field, designed for the most complex colour sorting applications.


We design, develop, manufacture and install customer-specific solutions. Our underlying approach emphasizes increasing quality and energy efficiency, as well as reducing operating costs.


We design grain terminals that are used for storing, cleaning and treating the grains and meals and can include from shipunloading point to bulk load out or from wagons/truck receiving station to shiploading end point.